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Shakespeare's romantic comedy:

Island Stage Left offers islanders two holiday shows this year!


Less than a week after our fall play, “The Children,” ends on December 8, we will start presenting “Christmas Memories” and “Omnium Gatherum”, up to (and including) two shows on Christmas Eve.


“They’re both such popular shows, we thought since we didn’t have a Christmas show last year perhaps we would give people a choice,” says ISL director Helen Machin-Smith.

The two shows mix live music, stories and poetry, but in entirely different ways. Now is the time to catch them both! All performances will be at the Marie Boe Building, San Juan County Fairgrounds.


Island Stage Left’s “Christmas Memories” and “Omnium Gatherum” will run on different nights in the Marie Boe Building at the San Juan County Fairgrounds, December 14-24.

All shows at 7:30 EXCEPT: Sunday shows at 4pm, and December 24 shows at 4pm and 6:30 pm.
Reservations required and available for December 24th only:

Free admission to all shows. Donations appreciated.  (360) 378-5649

  • Since Island Stage Left offers all its performances free of charge, we do not sell tickets or take reservations (unless you are a member of the Star Circle), although donations are always appreciated and are essential to the longevity of the company.

  • Seating is on a first come, first served basis and arriving at least 15 minutes early is always a good idea especially for the indoor shows.


  • In the summer, our outdoor performances have chairs set up, and also space for you to bring your own chairs if you prefer, plus space for blankets and sleeping bags close to the stage.


  • We request to bring warm clothes and blankets to keep you warm, as the temperature can drop 20 degrees on some summer nights.

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