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"Superb as always"


"I saw the show Sunday evening. It was spectacular! Really professional, top quality acting from all.”


"After seeing the play last night I've decided that ‘A Winter's Tale’ is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays. I love the way we are dropped into the height of paranoia and supreme tragedy, and like a fairy tale we are lifted out and into a world where laughter reigns and beings make peace. Thank you for a most inspiring evening.”

“Just wanted to let you know how very much we enjoyed ‘A Winter's Tale.’”


"Christmas Memories" and "A Christmas Carol"

Island Stage Left's traditional Island Christmas entertainment starts with our much-loved "Christmas Memories" and a new-to-the-island, one hour, one-man "A Christmas Carol"!

Allen Fitzpatrick, a very talented actor with an extensive resume covering 45 years on Broadway and in the Pacific Northwest, will perform his one-man “A Christmas Carol” for us Dec 23rd and 24th. It’s a brilliant piece of theatre: touching, funny, and full of life. We know you’ll love it. And ahead of that, Dan will once again be joined by Laura Concord, as singer, to reprise the perennially popular “Christmas Memories,” based on the childhood of Dylan Thomas, December 17, 19, 20, and 21.

For reservations, email us at:

Reservations are highly recommended for all Dec 23 & 24 performances.


​We had hoped to mount a fall show this year – “JQA,” by Aaron Posner. It’s a witty, moving, intelligent series of imagined dialogues between John Quincy Adams (JQA) and his contemporaries, in public and in private, set in the politically polarized world of 19th century America. A timely piece, indeed!

However, issues both public and personal prevented us from doing the piece this fall. We would have had to start rehearsals mid-October, and we were unable to resolve ventilation concerns for the show in time. The delay is also partly due to some health issues of our own that had to be dealt with.

As it happens, The Fairgrounds is now committed to remodeling the Marie Boe building, where we generally present our indoor shows, and included in the plan is the installation of a modern ventilation system! This solves our concerns about making our audiences as safe from COVID as possible. However, the construction project will close the Boe building from January until next summer, so “JQA” will almost certainly be put off until the fall of 2023.

We are terribly sorry for the delay. Helen has already been using her time to start reading historical backgrounds of the characters in JQA, and that is proving a rich and surprising journey. (The nuances of English and US accounts of the time are so very different from one another!) We will prepare a handsome, well-researched and beautifully acted production for you next fall.

But all is not lost for this year! We are looking forward (with great excitement!) to seeing you in December. Air purifiers are in place at the Marie Boe, with masks highly recommended to protect others who may be vulnerable. We are, as usual, boostered to the max!

Seasonal cheers to all,
Helen & Dan


For more information, please see our Current Show page.

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