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Summer 2019 - The Merchant of Venice

Summer 2019 - The Merchant of Venice

Island Stage Left brings Shakespeare’s most controversial play to San Juan Island:

"The Merchant of Venice"

The Jewish moneylender Shylock has been spat upon, cursed, beaten, robbed – and his chief persecutor is suddenly in his power. Shylock demands a savage enforcement of justice. Or is it revenge? How should viciousness be punished? Must Shylock pay back racial hatred with mercy? As the high-stakes plot builds to its famous pound-of-flesh climax, Shakespeare weaves in a romance that brings the wealthy heiress Portia to the aid of Shylock’s enemy.

This is a play for today. The powerful forces driving it could be drawn from the daily news – including the cross-dressing heroine’s brilliant yet merciless legal gambit.

Prominent actors from Seattle and California join ISL in a new production directed by Helen Machin-Smith, who transposes the play to the Venice of the 1930s, with Nazism on the rise and Europe heading toward World War II.

The show runs Thursdays through Sundays, July 11-August 11, at Island Stage Left, 1062 Wold Road, San Juan Island. Bring blankets and/or warm clothes for when the sun goes down.

Admission free, donations appreciated.


1062 Wold Rd

Friday Harbor, WA



Since Island Stage Left offers all its performances free of charge, we do not sell tickets or take reservations (unless you are a member of the Star Circle), although donations are always appreciated and are essential to the longevity of the company.


Seating is on a first come, first served basis and arriving at least 15 minutes early is always a good idea especially for the indoor shows.


In the summer, our outdoor performances have chairs set up, and also space for you to bring your own chairs if you prefer, plus space for blankets and sleeping bags close to the stage.


The request to bring warm clothes and blankets is to keep you warm, as the temperature can drop 20 degrees on some summer nights.
We look forward to seeing you!

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